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Welcome to the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal (CIPP) User Documentation

Welcome to the CIPP User Documentation! CIPP (pronounced "sip") is the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal, a powerful Microsoft 365 multitenant management system designed to help managed services providers (MSPs) streamline their clients' Microsoft 365 administration tasks. Created by Kelvin Tegelaar in 2021, CIPP aims to fill the gaps left by existing multi-tenant management solutions, making it easy and efficient for MSPs to manage multiple clients.

CIPP consists of two main components: the CIPP UI and the CIPP API. The frontend is built using React and Core UI, while the API is built with PowerShell. The system leverages Azure Functions and Azure Static Web Apps to provide a fast, responsive, and maintainable solution.

Key Features

  • Central User Management: CIPP offers a simple user management interface, making it easy to add, edit, and delete users, offboard users, change calendar permissions, manage shared mailboxes, and more.

  • Easy Standardization: Deploy standards across your entire client base, ensuring tenants are always in the desired state. CIPP's alerting and best practices features help you provide the best experience for your clients.

  • Secure and Report: CIPP includes industry best-practice standards and integrations, allowing you to report on everything in your M365 tenants and secure your customers' environments.

Documentation Components

The documentation is organized into the following components:

  1. Setup Documentation: This section covers the initial setup process, including system requirements, installation, and configuration.

  2. User Documentation: Here, you'll find detailed guides and tutorials on how to use CIPP to manage your clients' Microsoft 365 tenants.

  3. Developer Documentation: If you're looking to extend the functionality of CIPP or integrate it with other tools and services, the Developer Documentation provides API documentation, custom scripting, and other advanced topics for developers.

In addition to the core documentation components, we also provide a Troubleshooting Guide and an FAQ section to help you quickly resolve common issues and find answers to frequently asked questions.

CIPP is an open-source project, and we encourage users to review the code and contribute to its ongoing development. For more information about the project, its contributors, and funding, please refer to the provided documentation.

We hope this documentation serves as a valuable resource as you explore and utilize the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach via our discord

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