CIPP Dashboard

About the Dashboard which includes versions and quick links

The Home page provides a comprehensive overview of the current tenant's details and allows you to perform various actions related to the tenant and its resources.

The Home page includes the following sections:

  • Lighthouse Search: This is a universal search bar that allows you to quickly find the information you need.

  • Total Users: Displays the total number of users in the current tenant.

  • Total Licensed Users: Displays the total number of licensed users in the current tenant.

  • Global Admin Users: Shows the number of users with Global Admin rights.

  • Total Guests: Shows the total number of guest users in the current tenant.

  • Current Tenant: Displays various details about the current tenant, including name, ID, default domain name, status, creation date, AD Connect status, domains, capabilities, Sharepoint quota, applied standards, and partner relationships.

  • Portals: Contains links to various Microsoft 365 administration centers.

  • CIPP Actions: Contains links to various CIPP actions like editing the tenant, listing users, groups, and devices, and creating users and groups.

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