View and amend notifications for your CIPP App

Configure notifications from CIPP.

CIPP provides alert notifications for Tenants and CIPP actions, sent as one combined table in an email or webhook body.

  • Tenant Alerts create notifications regarding changes within a tenant. See that help page for more information on managing those alerts.

  • CIPP Alerts relate to changes initiated via the CIPP platform.

Available CIPP Alerts

  • New Accounts created via CIPP

  • Removed Accounts via CIPP

  • New Applications added via CIPP

  • New Policies added via CIPP

  • New Standards added via CIPP

  • Removed Standards via CIPP

  • Token Refresh Events

Sending Methods


Enter a many email addresses as you need, separated by a comma.

Email will be sent from the service account used for the SAM Wizard. The account must have a (shared) mailbox available. If you do not have a mailbox available on the account the log will state we could not send out the notifications.

Sent Items Notification emails do not save to the CIPP account's Sent Items folder.


Enter a webhook URL. Data is formatted based on the receiving server:


A basic HTML formatted table.

A separate markdown-formatted message for each alert.

A basic HTML formatted table.

All other services

JSON array of data values.

Custom Webhook Formatting Need something different for your webhook? Can you write PowerShell? Submit a PR on this repo: CIPP-API\Scheduler_CIPPNotifications.

Feature Requests / Ideas

Please raise any feature requests on GitHub.

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