Defender Status

Deploy applications using the Chocolatey package manager.

This page lists the defender status for all enrolled devices in a tenant. This includes whether there are active threats, the status of various components / services, the status of scans and, whether the device requires action.



Device Name

The name of the device.

Malware Protection

The status of the Malware Protection service.

Real Time Protection

The status of the Real Time Protection service.

Network Inspection

The status of the Network Inspection service.

Last Reported Health State

The last reported health state of the device.

Quick Scan Overdue

Whether the quick scan is overdue.

Full Scan Overdue

Whether the full scan is overdue.

Signature Update Required

Whether the device has all available signature updates.

Reboot Required

Whether the device requires a restart.

Attention Required

Whether the device requires attention.

Feature Requests / Ideas

Please raise any feature requests on GitHub.

Known Issues / Limitations

  • You must be a current Microsoft Lighthouse partner, and your tenants must be on-boarded to Lighthouse to use this functionality

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