I want to manage my own tenant

I want to manage my own tenant

If you want to manage your own tenant, or if you are not a Microsoft Partner but still want to use CIPP you can perform the setup and enable access to the partner tenant, or enable Single Tenant Mode.

Limitations Single Tenant Mode

When using Single Tenant Mode CIPP runs in a somewhat more limited state - You are not able to add any other tenant to CIPP and it only works for the configured tenant.

Limitations Partner Tenant Enabled

When using Partner Tenant Enabled mode you can see your partner tenant inside of CIPP. There will be no permissions applied to whom can see this tenant and control it.

It is highly recommended to not use this configuration if multiple users have access to your CIPP instances. All users with access to CIPP will be able to manage your tenant.

To set the flag follow these steps:

  1. Add the role 'superadmin' to your admin user as an additional role. Ensure that the 'admin' role isn't accidentally removed in the process (See Roles for more information). This role will allow you access to the menu to change this setting.

  2. Go the the Application Settings menu

  3. Go to the SuperAdmin tab

  4. Select one of the three modes. The default mode is "Multi Tenant - GDAP Mode"

  5. Clear the tenant cache. Users of CIPP now have access to the CSP Partner tenant, or to the single tenant it's been configured for.

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