View information on all mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 tenants.

This page provides information on Exchange mailboxes, with the ability to view detailed information, edit the mailbox, view connected mobile devices and, access more information / actions.



User Principal Name

The User Principal Name (UPN) of the selected user.

Display Name

The display name of the selected user.

Primary E-Mail Address

The primary e-mail address of the selected user.

Recipient Type

The Mailbox type, typically UserMailbox.

Recipient Type Details

The detailed mailbox type typically UserMailbox or SharedMailbox.


  • View Mailbox

  • Edit Mailbox:

    • Edit and view the permissions assigned to the mailbox.

    • Edit and view the calendar permissions assigned to the calendar.

    • Edit and view mailbox forwarding settings.

  • Edit Calendar permissions Check Calendar permissions.

  • View Mobile Devices View a list of all mobile devices which have connected to the mailbox with detailed information on each device.

  • Research Compromised Account

  • Send Multi-Factor Authentication Push

  • Convert to Shared Mailbox

  • Convert to User Mailbox

  • Hide from Global Address List

  • Unhide from Global Address List

On the mailbox edit page, and within the mailbox overview we currently cannot show if a mailbox is enabled for receiving external email. this is due to the Microsoft Graph API not returning the correct properties for this.

Feature Requests / Ideas

Please raise any feature requests on GitHub.

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