Troubleshooting instructions

You must always supply all information requested in this document.

To ensure we can assist you with any CIPP issue, complete details are essential. This includes all three mandatory screenshots: Permissions Check, GDAP Check, and Tenant Access Check. Without these, we cannot offer support, as they are the foundation for understanding and resolving your issue.

1. Perform Permissions Check

  • How to: Navigate to CIPP -> Settings, and select "Perform Permissions Check".

  • What to Share: A screenshot of the results.

2. Conduct GDAP Check

  • After successfully completing Permissions Check, proceed to the GDAP check.

  • What to Share: A screenshot of the results.

3. Run Tenant Access Check

  • After a GDAP Check, choose the relevant tenant and perform a Tenant Access check.

  • What to Share: A screenshot of the results.

If Errors Persist After Checks:

  • Capture Additional Screenshots: If checks complete but you're still facing issues, please include a screenshot of the entire page where the error occurs.

  • Error Details: If an error pop-up appears, include its screenshot or text. This helps us diagnose the problem more accurately.

Important: Even if the error appears on only one page, all checks (Permissions, GDAP, and Tenant Access) are always required for us to provide support.

Privacy Note: Anonymize any sensitive data in your screenshots before sharing them on our discord community if you are planning to do so.

Examples for Effective Communication:

  • Good Troubleshooting Message:

    • Example: "I've been getting the error "User not found" on all pages related to exchange. I have executed all checks and the screenshots are included. I can see the GDAP checks are failing but I'm not sure on my next steps. How do I continue?"

    • Includes: All three check screenshots, detailed issue description, and additional error screenshots or text if applicable.

    • Screenshots: Clearly labeled and anonymized.

  • Ineffective Troubleshooting Message:

    • Example: "I am getting an error popup 500 on some pages"

    • Lacks: One or more required screenshots, detailed error description.

    • Result: Inability to provide support due to incomplete information.

Remember: Providing complete and accurate information is the cornerstone of our support process. Your thoroughness enables us to help you swiftly and effectively!

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