Executing the SAM Setup Wizard

The SAM Wizard only needs to be run once to connect to your tenant, including all partner tenants.

Your browser MUST allow cookies and have any ad-blocker disabled for the duration of the wizard. Do not use in-private mode.

To setup the connection to your tenants you'll need to run the Sam Wizard. The Sam Wizard can be found under CIPP -> SAM Setup Wizard.

The setup wizard has three options.

Option 1: First Setup - I would like CIPP to create an application for me.

If you are performing the first setup, select this option. This guides you through connecting to your tenants for the first time.

Click the Start Setup Wizard button to start the process. We will request you to logon to the account you've created in previous steps. If you do not have a service account prepared you can do so now by going to Connecting to your tenants.

When logging in during the SAM Setup Wizard, remember to logon to the CIPP service account.

Option 2: I would like to refresh my token or replace the user I've used for my previous token.

Select this option when you have used the incorrect account to setup the SAM wizard previously, need to renew tokens due to an expired password, or when you are instructed to do so by the Helpdesk.

Option 3: I have an existing application and would like to manually enter my token, or update them.

This option is for advanced users only, or those following the migration manual in Migrating to hosted CIPP.


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