Migrating to hosted CIPP

When starting a CIPP sponsorship you have the option to self-host and receive support for this self-hosted instance, or use the version of CIPP hosted by CyberDrain. To migrate from self-hosted CIPP to hosted CIPP you can follow these instructions.

  • Log into your self-hosted instance and go to Application Settings. Click the button Run Backup, download this backup and store this securely.

  • Go to our Management Portal and login.

  • Deploy your hosted instance by filling in all information, and accept the initial invite to log into your hosted instance.

  • Go to your self-hosted instance, and go to Application Settings -> Backend. Click on "Go to Keyvault". Keep this screen open.

  • On your hosted instance go to SAM Setup Wizard. Click on "I have an existing application and would like to manually enter my tokens"

  • Copy all the information from the Keyvault, into the now available fields. Finally click next and finish the setup.

  • Restore your backup in your hosted instance by clicking on Application Settings -> Restore Backup.

  • If you used a custom domain in the self-hosted instance, remove this custom domain and add it via the management portal.

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