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SAM Setup

Setup access to my clients
This section describes the best practices and recommended setup for CIPP, including account usage, multi factor authentication, and DAP/GDAP groups. This section also describes the recommended setup for Conditional Access Policies. When this document has not been implemented you could encounter issues with the CSP, Graph, or Exchange sections of CIPP.

Authorization best practices for CIPP

to setup the Graph API, CSP, and Exchange integration CIPP requires a minimum level of permissions. We recommend to setup the account as follows
  1. 1.
    Create a new account. Recommended to name this "CIPP Integration" and give it the username "[email protected]" a. This account must be a Global Administrator while setting up the integration. These permissions may be removed after the integration has been setup.
  2. 2.
    Add the account to the correct groups
  • The CIPP user must be added to the "AdminAgents" group and the groups you've assigned for GDAP. The minimum permissions CIPP needs to function are:
    • Application Administrator
    • Authentication Policy Administrator
    • Cloud App Security Administrator
    • Cloud Device Administrator
    • Exchange Administrator
    • Intune Administrator
    • Privileged Role Administrator
    • Security Administrator
    • SharePoint Administrator
    • Teams Administrator
    • User Administrator
    • Privileged Authentication Administrator
  1. 3.
    This account must have Microsoft multi-factor authentication enforced for each logon, either via Conditional Access when available or via Per User MFA when Conditional Access is not available.
  • You may not use any other authentication provider than Microsoft for this account. Duo or other providers will not work. For more information on this see this
  • The CIPP service account requires MFA for each logon. That means no excluded locations may be applied nor authentication length policies. See the chapter about conditional access to make sure your policies are configured correctly.
The account will be used for all actions performed from the CIPP portal.

Executing the wizard

Make sure you are logged into CIPP under your own account ([email protected]). The CIPP Wizard will prompt you to logon with the account for the integration used above. The wizard will not use SSO or automatically logon.
Your browser MUST allow cookies and have any ad-blocker disabled for the duration of the wizard. Do not use in-private mode.
To setup the connection to your tenants you'll need to run the Sam Wizard. The Sam Wizard can be found under Settings -> SAM Setup Wizard. The Wizard will present you with multiple options. If this is your first setup it is recommended to choose "I'd like CIPP to create a SAM Application for me".
When executing the Sam Wizard with "I'd like CIPP to create a SAM Application for me" you'll be presented with a button to start the Wizard. Do not navigate away from this page and execute all 5 steps that this page will prompt you for.
After completing the wizard 5 steps, you must clear the token cache.