Configuring the HaloPSA integration

Creating an API application in Halo

  1. In your Halo instance head to Configuration > Integrations > Halo PSA API

  2. Click on View Applications

  3. Click on New to add a new API application.

  4. Enter the Application Name. For example CIPP Integration

  5. Make sure Active is checked.

  6. Set the Authentication Method to Client ID and Secret (Services).

  7. Store the Client ID and Client Secret securely.

  8. Set the Login Type and Agent to login as appropriately. This setting will determine who appears to be responsible for these API calls. You may want to create a dedicated agent user for this purpose. This agent needs to be an administrator in Halo, other roles maybe possible but have not been tested

  9. Select the Permissions tab.

  10. Grant the application the permissions required for your purposes. Generally speaking you want to limit the API to only the permissions it needs. For CIPP this currently requires read:tickets, edit:tickets, read:customers, edit:customers.

Enter credentials in CIPP

Enter the information found in Configuration > Integrations > Halo PSA API in CIPP. If you are self-hosting Halo, you can leave the HaloPSA Tenant blank.

After entering the credentials, click Test Extension. If the test is successful Alerts will automatically become a HaloPSA ticket.

Feature Requests / Ideas

Please raise any feature requests on GitHub.

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