The task scheduler allows you to schedule CIPP functionality to be executed at a later date, and send the results to your PSA, Webhook, or email.

The scheduler allows you to schedule components to run once, every day, every 7 days, every 30 days, or every year.

Scheduling a task for the past will make it run immediately.

Scheduled tasks run every 15 minutes on their planned time. A recurring task will return to a planned state directly after execution. The latest results of a task can be viewed via the eye icon in the history table.


  1. Selecting a Tenant:

    • Click on the "Tenant" dropdown.

    • Choose your desired tenant from the list.

  2. Setting the Task Name:

    • Click inside the "Task Name" input field.

    • Type your desired name for the task. If you don't, a default name will be generated.

  3. Choosing a Command:

    • Click on the "Command" dropdown.

    • Select the command you want the task to execute.

  4. Setting Parameters:

    • Depending on the chosen command, various parameter fields will appear if they are required for the command.

    • Fill in the necessary details or make your selections.

  5. Configuring Post-Execution Actions:

    • Use the "Webhook", "E-mail", and "PSA" switches to decide where you would like the results to be sent after execution. By not selecting any field the data is only stored in the CIPP scheduler database.

  6. Saving the Task:

    • After filling in all the necessary details, click on the "Save" or "Submit" button to schedule the task.

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