User Settings

The User Settings page provides a tailored interface for users to manage and configure their individual settings related to general preferences, appearance, and offboarding defaults. This document outlines the functionalities available on the User Settings page.

General Settings

In this section, users can manage general settings related to their account and workspace:

  • Tenant List Selector: Users can choose if the Tenant list should show in compressed format, without links by default, or in extensive format with all links.

  • Usage Location: This setting allows users to specify the default user location when creating, or editing a user.

Appearance Settings

Users can personalize the appearance of their interface through the following settings:

  • Theme Switcher: Toggle between different themes to change the look and feel of the interface. Default allows the browser to select the appropriate theme

  • Page Size Switcher: Adjust the amount of information displayed on a page.

  • Report Image: Configure an image to be used in reports generated within CIPP. This image is only used in PDF reports and is recommend to be 120x100.

Offboarding Defaults

This section provides you the ability to set offboarding defaults, this allows you to easily preselect your predefined offboarding preferences.


  • Save Settings: Save the modified settings for the individual user.

  • Save for All Users: If the user has admin privileges, they have the option to save the modified settings for all users within the tenant, this will overwrite all personal settings and be force on each full refresh of a page.

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