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Tenant Select

The tenant selector at the top of CIPP allows you to control the currently managed tenant. Any changes to the tenant selector will reload the currently shown data to the one of the selected tenant.

Added functionality

The Tenant Selector has a building button to see the current tenant details. Clicking on this button allows you to view the following info directly from any page:
Field Name
Field Purpose
Display Name
The display name of the tenant
Business Phones
What phone number has been set on the tenant
Technical Emails
Technical email contact
Tenant Type
What the type of tenant it is
Created time and date
AD Connect Enabled
If AD connect is enabled
AD Connect Sync
Is syncing is enabled
AD Password Sync
If passwords are synced
You can also use this page to jump to the most common portals or actions
  • Edit Tenant
  • M365 Portal
  • Exchange Portal
  • Entra Portal
  • Teams Portal
  • Azure Portal
  • Intune Portal
  • Security Portal
  • Sharepoint Admin