Individual Domain Check

Analyse external domain's mail-related DNS entries

The individual domain check lets you to check any domain enabling you to perform checks on vendors, potential customers, competitors - basically any domain. You are responsible for ensuring your use of this tool complies with applicable laws, registry terms and the terms of service for the Google and / or CloudFlare DNS APIs.


The checks are the same as those found in the domains analyser.


You can use the options, detailed below, to perform specific checks on domains:

  • SPF Pre-validation

  • Custom DKIM selectors

  • HTTPS certificate verification

Sender Policy Framework pre-validation

Use this function to simulate a change to your SPF record and test that the syntax is valid and it passes the checks detailed in the domains analyser documentation.

Custom DomainKeys Identified Mail selectors

Use this function to check the validity of a list of DKIM selectors instead of the ones detected from your mail provider. Supply a comma separated list of selectors in this field.

HTTPS certificate validation

Use this to run the following tests on your domain and an optional list of subdomains:

  • Expiration date

  • DNS name mismatch

  • Certificate chain validation

Feature Requests / Ideas

Please raise any feature requests on GitHub.

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